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Katie Kelly 17th January 2021

Is any self care day actually complete if you didn’t use a sheet mask? In short the answer is no, not if you want the ultimate hydration for your skin. Picture this, it’s a rainy and cold Sunday evening. You run yourself a hot bath, soaking up every last bubble. When you’ve finished it’s time for your nightly skincare routine to add all that moisture back into your skin. So you reach for a sheet mask and go lie down on your bed (complete with cucumbers of course). You can just feel how hydrated and refreshed your skin is. Sounds perfect right?

So allow us to run through our favourite sheet masks because trust us when we say, we’ve tried a lot! These are essentially our ride or die masks but please let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these or have any recommendations. Enjoy!

  1. Saturday Skin intense hydration mask – available on Cult Beauty (£4.60) So there are three masks available from the Saturday Skin range but the one we’re going to talk about is the blue intense mask which is designed to hydrate the skin. The idea behind the brand is that it gives you that start of the weekend glow. Now depending on where you are in the world that idea might seem like a distant memory (lockdown probs) but there is nothing stopping us getting our fix either way. We found this mask extremely cooling which is probably down to some of the ingredients used including watermelon and aloe vera extract. It also has that all important hyaluronic acid which helps draw moisture back into your skin. These masks give you a nice introduction to the brand as a lot of the products use the same ingredients, and at only £4.60 it’s hard to go wrong!

2. Pixi Beauty Vitamin C sheet mask – available on Pixibeauty and Cult Beauty (3 for £10) One of our go-to masks that we’ve been using for what feels like years, is the Vitamin C mask by Pixi Beauty. We personally don’t use a lot of products in our routines that use vitamins as an active ingredient which is why we love using the Vitamin C mask. Vitamin C is great for brightening the complexion and promoting collagen in the skin. This mask also uses caffeine extract which is used to de puff the skin. This is one that is great to use after drinking one too many wines as skin usually looks quite dull the day after consuming alcohol. What we also love about purchasing this on the Pixi Beauty website is that you can set up an auto replenish subscription meaning you can get your masks delivered straight to your door as often as you like without having to place the order every time. What more could you want!

3. Dr Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution – Available on Cult Beauty and Beauty Bay (£6.00). Okay so we could probably list quite a few of the Dr Jart sheet masks on here but the one that stands out to us as an absolute must-have, is the Water Jet Hydra Solution. Seeing as this post is all about the most hydrating masks it’s only right that this one got the honourable mention. Packed with hyaluronic acid and aquaxyl (an ingredient used to limit water loss) this mask gives you an instant boost to your skin leaving you feeling all hydrated and glowy afterwards. And that’s what we all want from a sheet mask right?

4. Skin Republic Collagen Infusion sheet mask – Available at Superdrug and (£4.99) As with the Dr Jart sheet masks, we could easily mention all of the masks in this range, trust us when we say they are all so good. In this post we’re just going to focus on the collagen infused mask as this is the one that, in our humble opinion, gives the best results, and here’s why. This mask is injected with Collagen, elastin and vitamin E. Combining these ingredients together helps to revitalise the elasticity in the skin, making the skin appear more youthful. So if you think about it your getting an affordable quick fix to make your skin look instantly boosted and younger! (Adds to cart immediately). This is one that we love to use in the morning, especially on a Monday to start our week off the right way and give us that fresh, dewy ‘I woke up like this’ glow!

5. Beauty Laundrette Hydrate and Soothe sheet mask – Available at Superdrug (£3.00) A brand we only discovered just last year but one we both instantly fell in love with. We’ve bought their products as gifts before and always get messages saying how much people love them! So let’s focus on the sheet masks. There are two masks you can buy, the radiate and glow and the hydrate and soothe but we personally prefer the hydrate and soothe. This mask is targeted for dry and dehydrated skin and helps to hydrate the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and soft. It’s filled with desert plant sugar and sodium hyaluronate which help the skin feel revitalised. It’s also worth mentioning the price of this mask compared to some of the others, this is just £3.00 and considering how good this mask actually is it’s probably the one we would recommend stocking up on the most!

So that’s it for our favourite sheet masks that we use time and time again. We hope you enjoyed reading through our list and hopefully you found some new additions to add to your skincare routine. Be sure to check back in for more beauty posts coming soon and you can shop more of our fave sheet masks below or click here to shop more of The Key skincare favourites!